Vance Palacio

I’m a software engineer working at Tomorrow’s Talent. I especially enjoy writing programs in functional languages such as Haskell and Purescript and have worked on both frontend apps (using purescript-halogen) and backend services. I’m a big proponent of functional programming and all the benefits software gains through a strong static type system such as:

  • A huge reduction of runtime bugs
  • Ease of long-term maintainability
  • Code simplicity and readability

I write guides on functional programming (and other things) with the main focus being on productivity. No point in writing software if we don’t make something useful, right? These guides are written mainly in Haskell and Purescript, but I may use other languages in the future

Im writing a programming book!

I’ve been working on a programming book on and off for a while now. I recently deployed it onto the web for open viewing. Feel free to give it a read at